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Ways To Make Money On KUCOIN Exchange Available Worldwide



There are more than 20 million registered users of KUCOIN worldwide, making it one of the top three cryptocurrency platforms. Countless cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and meme coins, are available to trade. With the lowest commissions, they provide professional, safe, and intuitive services. Aside from offering a variety of products and services, KUCOIN is also a multi-platform exchange and investment platform for bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. Trading, stake investing, and configuring your trading bots are all available here.

• Welcome Bonus (in USDT).

• Bonus for performing tasks (in USDT).

• Invite your friends to trade on KUCOIN and earn up to 40%.

• Fast operations: buy USDT with VISA, Mastercard and SEPA.

• External providers: buy coins with Banxa, Simplex and BTCDirect.

• Find popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP and KCS.

• New coins and memecoins: DFL, SSOL, ELON and SAMO.

• More than 50 fiat currencies: EUR, USD, JPY, AED and HKD.

• More than 420 tradable assets: DeFi and NFT.

• Spot Trading – Trade cryptocurrencies using comprehensive tools.

• Margin Trading: Increase your profits with leverage.

• Trading bot: automatically generate profits. Save time and money!

• Futures Lite: easy start. Quick negotiation.

• Futures Classic: Comprehensive trading tools, allows up to 100x leverage.

• Futures Duel: Compete with long or short positions to win prizes.

• Leveraged tokens: highest leverage, no loans, no liquidations.

• KUCOIN Win: bet KCS to win the grand prize.

• Cryptocurrency lending: lend your crypto to earn interest.

• Pool-X Earn: invest to double your income.

• KCS Bonus: Hold KCS and get 6 KCS daily bonus.

• Right to participate in the different trading competitions, airdrops, raffles, etc.


Main features

• More than 700 currencies available, including new cryptocurrencies.

• Facility to buy cryptocurrencies with credit cards.

• More than 420 quality assets such as BTC and ETH, DeFi and NFT.

• Intuitive interface for all classes of inverters.

• The lowest commissions in operations with cryptocurrencies. The more you buy, the less commissions you pay.

• Over 50 fiat currencies supported.

• KUCOIN communities in more than 20 languages ​​to share information on the blockchain sector.

• Various projects with growth potential.

• High security. Secure operations. Secure privacy. Security is the top priority: security systems are regularly updated. Two-factor authentication: better protect the security of your account.

• Global availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose the languages ​​you prefer. 22 languages: German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, etc. 24/7 Customer Support: Full assistance to resolve user issues. More than 20 international communities: Share your opinions with all users in the communities you join, German and English communities.



Media comments:

• Forbes: "KUCOIN is a heavyweight in terms of the number of coins available and offers access to a wide variety of alternative currencies with low fees."

• CoinMarketCap: “KUCOIN is among the top five spot trading platforms for overall performance.”

• TokenInsight: “KUCOIN is the platform with the widest distribution of visitors. Furthermore, 70% of its users come from North America, Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia.”


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